Teaching is a big part of an academic career and one that I personally care about. I first started thinking about teaching and education when I considered Teach for America. While I did not end up applying, I participated in a summer reading group hosted by them. The readings and discussions opened my eyes to the power of education as a means for social justice.

I have experience teaching elementary-high school students both through community engagement and private tutoring. At Virginia Tech I was a teaching assistant for 2.5 years, where I got my first experience with college-level teaching. Some of these are listed below.

  • Ocean Wave Mechanics
    • As a three-time teaching assistant for the junior-level wave mechanics course, I helped my advisor create content, including: creating exams and homework problems, designing a course project.
    • I taught part of the course on wave energy converters, which I have significant experience on and am passionate about.
    • I graded all assignments and had regular hands-on office hours where student teams came to work on their projects.
  • Aerospace and Ocean Engineering Laboratory
    • I have taught the senior-level aerospace (once) and ocean (twice) engineering laboratories at Virginia Tech. These labs are more involved than most TA assignments. I was responsible for teaching all or part of the course in addition to grading the assignments. I also guided students in improving their writing and technical presentation skills by providing general guidelines, providing detailed comments in their graded reports, and meeting one-on-one.